Buy or Sell

Buying or selling can be an exciting time, but it can also be frustrating and keep you on edge!  We at Coldwell Banker At The Lakes have included some tips and advice for buyers and sellers here for you to review.

SELLERS:  It is best to have your home in top condition when you market your property.  Clean counters off in the kitchen and baths so you can see all the surfaces.  Pick up toys and other items in living areas and consider removing some furniture, so the rooms do not feel cluttered.  Remember, it is about making a good first impression.  Less can be more for a home seller.

Peeling paint or other deferred maintenance items can be a turn off to buyers, as they immediately begin thinking about the work to fix the issue and the expense involved.  Take a look at the inside and out, and if you think it could use a bit of cleanup, it probably does!

Odors are another area that can be troublesome for sellers.  Take the garbage out regularly, and deodorize after meals in preparation for showings.  Remember, that fish you fried last nite might have been a great treat for you, but a buyer may have a completely diffrerent idea of the lingering odor!

Bathrooms and bedrooms should smell fresh.  Be wary of using heavily scented room deodorizers.  Subtle fragrances are best.  Many sellers make the mistake of having heavily perfumed smells in the homes, and a buyer worries about what is being covered up.

Trim trees and shrubs around the home, wash the windows for best lighting, and as always, it is best to have the lights on when the home is being shown.  Brighter homes look larger and more inviting.

Above all else, remember that not every home is for every buyer.  Trust in your Coldwell Banker At The Lakes agent to attempt to bring qualified buyers through your home, but it is impossible for an agent to know exactly what a buyer will love.  The selling process can take time and patience - on everyone's part!

Trust the agents at Coldwell Banker At The Lakes to give you good advice in marketing and showing your home.  Call one of our agents today at 218-844-6900!


BUYERS:  What an exciting time it is to look for and buy a new property.  All the memories you will create in your new property come immediately to mind.  First off, you as a buyer have some work to do.  Getting pre-qualified is the most important task you have.  It just makes more sense to know your price limits BEFORE you start shopping rather than waiting until you have found the perfect property, and then realize it is outside of your financial reach.  Seek out the advice of a mortgage lender and go through the process of getting pre-approved.  Trust us, it will make you feel so much more at ease at offer time!

Make a list of things you MUST have, and things that would be nice to have in a home.  Be ready to compromise.  Sometimes a home will have most of the things you are hoping for, but may lack something you can live without.  Compromise is the best way to ease your anxiety about a new property.

Use your time and that of your Realtor's wisely.  Look at properties in your range and refrain from looking at those that are not a good fit up front.  It will make the experience so much easier for all involved.  Be realistic.  Unless you are looking at new construction, not every home will be perfect.  Again, be ready to compromise on certain things.

Once you have located a property, be realistic on your offer.  Trust your Coldwell Banker agent to give you good sound advice on pricing and terms.

Give one of our agents a call today at 218-844-6900 for great advice and professional service.

Above all else, have fun with this exciting process - look to Coldwell Banker At The Lakes to make your experience an enjoyable one!